Thursday, November 26, 2009

stream of...


Lucy Maye and Emma Jean; our house; our animals: Virginia, Izzie, Deuce, Peerless, Bella, Harry, Isabelle, Gage and Humpback; our back yard; our fire pit and our fire place; Hollis, Peggy, Biz, Nicole, Howie, Jessie, Sarah P., Leah, Mitch and every other friend who walked this year with us; Hot Springs, NC; the Actors Co-op especially Katie, Greg, Andrew, Dale and Jim; the Glowing Body especially Mollie, Jen, Philip, Kim, Molly, Caitlin; my family and my ex-husband's family, Lucy Maye taking riding lessons and Emma Jean picking flowers and me sitting on the side of the hill watching; going to sleep at 9pm and waking up to write this after having slept solid through the night which means my daughters did also; being invited into four homes with people I love and who love me back for Thanksgiving dinner; being alive to be thankful; being thankful.


  1. I made the thankful list! That makes me feel special :)

  2. You are very special. I just wish I could make it to your class. Maybe I should just make that decision...